About Us

Nile 2010 is a registered charity established in the UK to support the building and development of the Jinja Vocational Training Centre (JVTC) in Jinja, Uganda. The JVTC provides education for vulnerable children who have otherwise fallen out of education.

The charity is a project led by Scouts based in Bournemouth, UK.

In conjunction with Ugandan Scouts, notably those of the Jinja District, the trustees have built and continue to maintain the JVTC in order to benefit deprived students of the Butugaya subcounty. The JVTC is located in the small, rural village of Lubani on land donated to us by …………church.

Since its completion in 2010, the JVTC has taught boys and girls, usually who have fallen out of mainstream education, in vocational subjects. These include Carpentry, Construction, Hairdressing and Seamstressing with the aim of enabling students to go on to find employed work in the local area.

The JVTC is reliant on Nile 2010 to support both it’s day-to-day funding, in the form of teachers wages and administrative supplies as well as providing funding for infrastructural development. Nile 2010 aims to send an expedition of UK Scouts to the JVTC on a regular basis to continue the development of the school site.

Currently, Nile 2010 is supporting the 2023 expedition which aims to construct a multi-purpose building consisting of two ‘classrooms’. These rooms will be available for use as teaching spaces as well as enabling the school to accommodate boarding students. Providing a space for students to board is vital in reducing absenteeism caused by the long distances some students must travel to and from school on a daily basis. The planned project will be of a similar design to the original school building as shown above.


In the summer of 2010, 28 Scouts and Leaders left Bournemouth for 5 weeks to work with the Scouts of Jinja in Southern Uganda and assist in the building of a vocational training centre for orphans and vulnerable children of the Jinja District (Butagaya Sub-County). During the preceding 18 months each Scout and Leader raised funds for the expedition and initial build; totalling approx. £110,000.00.

As part of the initial expedition, the charity was generously donated a Hydra-Form brick making machine. The machine mitigates the effect of localised deforestation caused by traditional brick kilns that require burning a wood fire for a whole week. Once formed by the machine, the hydra-form bricks are cured in the heat of the sun for a number of days before being laid without the need for mortar in the construction. Following its initial use in 2010, the machine was donated to the JVTC to provide jobs for graduating students and income for the school.

Now the initial expedition has been undertaken successfully the Nile 2010 project lives on with the objective of empowering and supporting the continued sustainability and growth of the centre for its long-term success.

A second expedition was undertaken in 2016 which enabled the development of two outdoor workshops, further facilitating the teaching of Construction and Carpentry. The expedition also funded the construction of a new toilet block, a second 10,000-gallon water container and fencing for the school site.

These developments, whilst also increasing capacity for the JVTC, enable it to become more self-sufficient. Whilst the teaching predominantly revolves around the vocational subjects, vegetables are also grown on site to provide sustenance for both students and teachers – hence the need for security and readily available water.

The next expedition will be in the Summer of 2023 and be supported by members of the 1st Wessex Scout Group and Bournemouth Scouts.